Graphic Psyche: A Life in Words and Images

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Led by Emily Steinberg, M.F.A.; Lecturer in Fine Art, Penn State Abington; Artist in Residence, Drexel College of Medicine; Visual Narrative Editor, Cleaver Magazine 

Visual Narrative, the marriage of words and images, both ancient and modern, is a potent mode of storytelling that can often be more gripping than either practice on their own. In this workshop, we will discuss the history of visual narrative and the myriad ways of composing with text and image. By the end of our time together, you will create your own short graphic narrative response to the bizarre, upside down covid, quarantine, lockdown, political circus world of 2020.

In 1996, I worked my way out of a deep painters block/depression by writing obsessively about the events of my daily life. In 2005, I pulled the writings out and started drawing them. And I’ve been hooked ever since by the immediacy and vitality of this generous practice which beckons you to write, draw, be playful and explore absolutely anything in the world that captivates you. There are no limits here. ~Emily Steinberg, MFA