New Mediums of Life

Presented by Orkan Telhan, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Emerging Design Practices, University of Pennsylvania

Orkan Telhan’s research focuses on bridging theories of design and computation with artificial life and synthetic biology research. His work investigates the epistemic origins of making and manipulating life with a focus on the artistic, cultural, and ethical implications of living, semi-living, and life-like artifacts.

In this talk, Telhan will discuss a series of design experiments that interrogate life sciences at different levels from the biosynthesis of endangered molecules to microbial prosthetics, and alternative design tools that network algorithms, organisms, and people.

Orkan will also present a workshop, Microbial Design Studio: Dough as Parametric, Computational, and Biochemical Material (registration required), on Monday, March 19 from 2:00-5:00 p.m.