You Don't Owe Anyone Pretty

Speaker: Kimberly Dark

Join this event: https://psu.zoom.us/j/91741963809

Kimberly Dark is an award-winning writer and storyteller who wants you to reclaim your power as a social creator to make the world a better place. No, seriously, it’s possible. In her interactive and engaging lectures, Kimberly offers tools for all of us to live our best lives, and build the culture in which we want to live.

Kimberly is also a sociologist, and popular author of Fat, Pretty and Soon to be Old, and The Daddies, among others. She has been using humor and intimacy to bring complex ideas to campus audiences since the late 1990s. Lectures such as Gender, Race and Money help students understand how race and gender influence income and wealth in America and what to do about it. Lectures such as You Don’t Owe Anyone Pretty and Sex and Society—It’s Time To Talk About It offer students a deep understanding of body and personal sovereignty, along with clear information about how to reclaim one’s time and resources from social expectations that keep us constantly seeking approval.

This talk is part of Penn State’s Eating Disorders Awareness Week events series, February 22-26, 2021. Sponsored by Student Affairs Health Promotion and Wellness, University Health Services, Gender Equity Center, the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and the Arts & Design Research Incubator in the College of Arts and Architecture. Funded by the Laura R. Whitaker Fund.