#HereToo amplifies young activists’ voices through performance. With a two-pronged approach, we: 1 - gather stories from activists and survivors of gun violence; 2 - archive and share these stories with theatre makers who, in turn, make devised performances about gun culture as it impacts their own communities. Sometimes these end in performances, such as ones we've produced at Penn State and at Western Washington University. In this moment of remote engagement, we are developing material for a podcast featuring interviews with young activists who engage with causes like climate change, Black Lives Matter, and public health crises. At the same time, we are working with Penn State Special Collections library to archive our materials going forward so that anyone can access them to use as building blocks for their own #HereToo performances. The underpinning of #HereToo is the statement that it happens here, too. In everything the project does, #HereToo seeks to relate the experiences of one group of people to another group, specifically through highlighting how young people lead the way in this practice.