My Anxiety Project includes more than 500 drawings and two original performance pieces, along with a series of animated short films that explore the act of drawing as a tool for managing mental illness. Visit the website to learn more.

Inhale, Exhale, Draw is an animated short film exploring drawing as a tool for living with mental illness. This film was selected into seven festivals and received three awards. View the film on YouTube.

MASKED: An Exhibition by William Doan, Michael Green, and Emily Steinberg
Masking is a complex act with as many histories as there are cultures. Mask traditions cover the gamut of human belief systems and practices from the mystical to the practical and from the political to the personal. COVID-19 has created yet another complex series of masking practices that vary across the globe. The three artists presenting work in this exhibit have their own distinct responses to "masking." But they also share a common approach – combining images and text in the tradition of Graphic Medicine and Visual Narratives, to make what are broadly called “comics.” View the exhibition website.