Matters of Design in Making for the Masses

Panelists: Aaron Knochel, Assistant Professor of Art Education, School of Visual Arts; Tom Lauerman, Assistant Professor of Art, School of Visual Arts; Nicholas Meisel, Assistant Professor of Engineering Design and Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering Design; Bart Pursel, Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning with Technology; Marcus Shaffer, Associate Professor, Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture; and Timothy Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

This panel will review the ongoing development of an undergraduate course bringing together art, architecture, and engineering faculty to design and co-teach a course that deals with creativity, design, and making, titled “Making for the Masses.” Panelists will focus on aspects of design from across disciplines and in the larger world of making, especially as it relates to the democratization of design. Panelists will review how methodologies in design thinking are implemented through the curriculum.

Registration is not required, but feel free to indicate your interest in attending by visiting the event listing on the ADRI Facebook page.