Remix Studies Conversations Part 1: Focus on Digital Humanities

Public Zoom Event: ADRI, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State
Moderated by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough

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Please join us for “Remix Studies Conversations Part 1: Focus on Digital Humanities,” a public event organized to highlight interdisciplinary research on remix as a form of creative production and communication. The event will feature four distinguished scholars, artists, and designers: Anne Burdick, David J. Gunkel, Virginia Kuhn, and Paul D. Miller AKA DJ Spooky to celebrate the recent publication The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities edited by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough. The event will consist of presentations by each participant about remix based on their respective research, followed by a discussion with moderators, and a Q&A with the public.

The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary companion, in which contributors reflect on remix across the broad spectrum of media and culture, with each chapter offering in-depth reflections on the relationship between remix studies and the digital humanities.

The anthology is organized into sections that explore remix studies and digital humanities in relation to topics such as archives, artificial intelligence, cinema, epistemology, gaming, generative art, hacking, pedagogy, sound, and VR, among other subjects of study. Selected chapters focus on practice-based projects produced by artists, designers, remix studies scholars, and digital humanists. With this mix of practical and theoretical chapters, editors Navas, Gallagher, and burrough offer a tapestry of critical reflection on the contemporary cultural and political implications of remix studies and the digital humanities, functioning as an ideal reference manual to these evolving areas of study across the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Anne Burdick is a Research Professor in the School of Design at the University of Technology Sydney where she is co-director of the Knowledge Design Lab. Her practice-based research explores new forms of knowledge production through the design of media, visualizations, interfaces and publications. Current projects include the multi-media work Trina: A Design Fiction (thedigitalreview, forthcoming) and the digital edition of the New Variorum Shakespeare with the Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR) at Texas A&M. She is co-author of Digital_Humanities (MIT Press, 2012) and was design editor of electronicbookreview.com for over twenty years.

David J. Gunkel is an award-winning educator, scholar and author, specializing in ethics of emerging technology. He has published over 90 scholarly journal articles and book chapters and is the author of 13 influential books including The Machine Question (MIT Press 2012), Of Remixology: Ethics and Aesthetics After Remix (MIT Press 2016), Robot Rights (MIT Press 2018), and Deconstruction (MIT Press 2021). More information at http://gunkelweb.com

Virginia Kuhn is a Professor of Cinema in Media Arts + Practice at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Her work centers on visual and digital rhetoric, feminist theory and algorithmic research methods. Her books include Shaping the Digital Dissertation: Knowledge Production in the Arts and Humanities (Open Book Publishers, 2021) and Future Texts: Subversive Performance and Feminist Bodies (Parlor Press, 2016). She has also published several peer-reviewed collections of remix videos including: The Video Essay: An Emergent Taxonomy of Cinematic Writing (The Cine-Files, 2016); MoMLA: From Panel to Gallery (Kairos, 2013) and From Gallery to Webtext: A Multimodal Anthology (Kairos, 2008).

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is a composer, multimedia artist, and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. Miller has collaborated with an array of recording artists, including Metallica, Chuck D, Steve Reich, and Yoko Ono. His 2018 album, DJ Spooky Presents: Phantom Dancehall, debuted at #3 on Billboard Reggae. His books include the award-winning Rhythm Science, published by MIT Press in 2004; Sound Unbound, an anthology about digital music and media; The Book of Ice, a visual and acoustic portrait of the Antarctic, and; The Imaginary App, on how apps changed the world. His writing has been published by The Village Voice, The Source, and Artforum, and he was the first founding Executive Editor of Origin Magazine.

For more information about Remix Studies visit: Remixstudies.com