Remix Studies Conversations Part 3: Focus on Image, Music, Text, Code—Modularity and Technology in RS+DH

Public Zoom Event: ADRI, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State
Moderated by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough

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Please join us for “Remix Studies Conversations Part 3: Focus on Image, Music, Text, Code—Modularity and Technology in RS+DH,” a public event organized to highlight interdisciplinary research on remix as a form of creative production and communication across disciplines. The event will feature distinguished scholars, artists, and designers: Ethan Plaut, Eran Hadas, Christine Boone, and Steve Anderson, who are brought together to continue our ongoing discussions on remix as a creative variable at play across culture. Our invitees are contributors to The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities (2021), Keywords in Remix Studies (2018), and The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies (2015), three volumes edited by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough.

The focus of the discussion is on the relationship between modularity and technology vis-à-vis remixed modular art, which is increasingly produced in combination with creative coding and AI, to generate human-like artistic, sonic, and literary works. Remix can offer critical analysis complemented by a range of analytical methods that ponder the state of human existence in relation to cultural production defined by principles of modularity, consisting of nonlinear means to create new content with digital technology. Invited panelists produce work and do research that relates to the current moment remix is moving through and will share their recent findings. Presentations will be followed by a discussion with moderators, and a public Q&A.


Ethan Plaut is Lecturer in Communication specialising in computational media at The University of Auckland’s School of Social Sciences, Te Pokapū Pūtaiao Pāpori in Aotearoa, New Zealand. He is an award-winning journalist, including three years at an independent, bilingual newspaper in Cambodia, and continues to publish in both scholarly and popular presses. He completed postdoctoral fellowships in both Computer Science and Rhetoric at Stanford University and has written for many publications including Public Opinion Quarterly; Communication, Culture, and Critique; First Monday; and newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Boston Globe. His creative works have been exhibited and reproduced widely.

Eran Hadas is an Israeli poet, software developer, new media artist and the author of nine books. He creates hypermedia poetry and develops software based poetry generators. Among his collaborative projects is a headset that generates poems from brainwaves and a documentarian robot that interviews people about the meaning of being human. Hadas was the 2017 Schusterman Visiting Artist at Caltech and 2020 Artist-In-Residence at Weizmann Institute of Science.

Christine Boone is an associate professor of music at the University of North Carolina Asheville. She received her B.M. in vocal performance at Indiana University and both her M.M. and Ph.D. in music theory at the University of Texas. Christine’s research interests are centered around popular music. She has presented papers on the Beatles in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Her current research focuses on mashups, and her work on the subject has been published in several forums, including Music Theory Online. Christine, a lyric soprano, is also an active performer. In addition, she has put her musical knowledge to work on National Public Radio’s classical music game show, “Piano Puzzler.”

Steve F. Anderson is Professor and Chair of the Department of Film, TV & Digital Media at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television. He is the founder of the public media archive Critical Commons and co-creator of the electronic authoring platform Scalar. He is the author of Technologies of History: Visual Media and the Eccentricity of the Past (Dartmouth 2011) and Technologies of Vision: The War Between Data and Images (MIT Press 2017), and co-editor (with Christie Milliken) of the anthology, Reclaiming Popular Documentary (Indiana University Press 2021).