Monday, October 15, 2018

iGenCo announces FaceAge premiere sponsorships: Tickets now free

State College, Pa Thanks to both a generous anonymous donation and sponsorship by Foxdale Village, FaceAge, the compelling intergenerational docudrama will now premiere at The State Theatre at 7:00PM Thursday evening October 25, 2018, FREE to the public.

FaceAge is an awardwinning film for both young and older adults that creatively applies the lens of aging to challenge stereotypes and trigger selfreflection around deeply held assumptions about beauty, wealth, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and health.

The extraordinary 56-­minute, sixpart FaceAge film will be introduced by Laureate Professor and film creator Andy Belser. The evening event will include special remarks by the Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, Dr. Martin Sliwinski, and Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Dr. Celia CookHuffman.

FaceAge is a powerful, satisfying look at the similar challenges of aging that all generations face. The artistic weave of dialogue among twelve individuals leads viewers to a breakthrough understanding between the generations.

FaceAge feeds the desire to seek new information and novel experiences. The film is an emotionally exhilarating experience that expands viewers’ curiosity, creativity, and optimism.

FaceAge is a film experience for all generations.

The FaceAge event at The State Theatre is the last chance to experience this great event in State College. FaceAge will debut in various venues nationally in 2019.

Free, reservedseating tickets can be ordered by calling the State Theatre or accessing the State Theatre website.

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