Joe Julian

Joe Julian, MD

  • ADRI Lead Investigator, Applied Neuroscience; Artist in Residence, School of Visual Arts

After completing nine years of post-doctoral training in neurology and neurologic rehabilitation Joe served on the faculty of the medical schools of the University of Wisconsin, University of Pittsburgh and the Medical University of South Carolina. He has also spent five years living, traveling and working in Africa, Asia and Central America including one and a half years developing rehabilitation programs for landmine victims on the Thai Cambodian border. Making prosthetics and orthotics from locally available materials and an ongoing interest in the brain as the “creative engine” led to training in sculpture at Penn State University. Since 2012 he has been Artist in Residence in the School of Visual Arts at PSU and in 2015 became part of the Arts and Design Research Incubator as Lead Investigator Applied Neuroscience where he works in collaboration with a number of faculty in the College of Arts and Architecture on projects that combine art, creativity and the brain/mind. Joe also serves as Special Advisor to the Project Director of the Collaborative Research Consortium that includes Penn State and two universities in Ghana, West Africa (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University for Development Studies).

Julian’s exhibition Mind Field displayed at The Edwin W. Zoller Gallery.